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Monthly Archives: July 2010

My first pin curls

I promised that I would show you guys how I did my pin curls and what they look like. So here goes! First of all, pin curls are curls which are just shaped into a curl shape and then pinned to the head. You can shape the curls with your fingers and pin them, or use a curling iron on dry hair and then pin them down. I did my set as a wet set which means I showered first and curled my hair when it was damp. I have to do this because I have stubborn Asian hair which will naturally go stick straight when drying. While I’m curling, I spray the pieces of hair I’m curling with this setting lotion I got from a beauty supply store in Surrey. It works well! And now some pictures.

I have a head scarf and tied it around my head so I could sleep in the pin curls. It actually wasn’t very uncomfortable and I slept fine. Sleeping in pin curls or rollers is really the best way to do it if you want curls that last.

This is how they look after much brushing and some hair spray and pins. My haircut at the moment is not good for trying to recreate 40s or 50s styles but it seems to be great to get that 20s or 30s look! To recreate 40s or 50s styles you need a heavily layered style. There was a particular style called the “middy” which was the ideal cut. My haircut at the moment is not very layered except for the back so it is more like a bob right now. I have to wait for the back to catch up before getting a middy.

I bought this hat from Forever 21, it’s a beautiful black boater styled hat. Reminds me of the cartoon Madeline that I watched as a little girl. The dress is from Front & Company, it was a good deal, only $20 for it!

Kendra says I look like Bette Davis here. I’m so flattered. :D Anyways, that’s all for now, Mr Vixen’s camera is broken so I don’t know when I’ll be able to post picture heavy posts like this until it gets figured out or we get a new one.
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