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Watercolour Dreams

For the past 8 weeks, every Wednesday night I attended a fashion illustration class for 2.5 hours. It was a beginner’s class and I was taking it to fulfill part of my VSB Continuing Education part-time diploma in Sewing and Fashion Arts. I had a lot of fun. So much fun!

I’m not an artist. I only took one art class in high school, I think, and whatever art experience I had in elementary school. Hahaha! But I spent hours in elementary school and my years in grade 8-10 drawing anime. I think just about every Asian kid does that at some point in their life. By grade 11, I had stopped drawing entirely and focused on creative writing, sewing, and academics. So now years later, about 4 years, I find myself with a pencil and sketch pad again…

I will show you some of my best sketches. And remember, you can click on the photo to see it in a larger resolution.

This was our first assignment! Our teacher just wanted to see where our skills were at.

This is a figure drawn without proper proportions.

This is the assignment we had after we learned the 10 head scale of proportions. Looks better!

We had more assignments in drawing from magazines with an emphasis on fabric rendering.

An original design…

This is one of my preliminary sketches for our final project.

All coloured in!

Everyone in my class did really well! It was a lot of fun to see other people’s styles and be inspired. Every week we were showing each other our homework assignments. The instructor, Gabriela Peana was a very nurturing person. I plan to further develop my skills in fashion illustration. So much fun!
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4 Responses to Watercolour Dreams

  1. I used to draw all the time in elementary school. I stopped by the time high school rolled around, although I did a very nice sketch in grade 11 art class of a shell that I regret not taking home.

  2. You should start drawing again Whang. Drawing seems to be something you can’t forget if you did it a lot as a little kid. And you can only keep getting better at it!

  3. I beg to differ … you are an artist !! These drawings are very good. Sadly I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, so I’m always in awe of people with artistic talents. And you my dear have just that, in shows in your drawings and your sewing :)

    Keep up the good work !!


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