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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Crescent Skirt: A Total Success

I love my Crescent skirt! I finished it a while ago but haven’t had time to take pictures until today. Doing self-photoshoots is still a new thing to me…must learn how to make better poses.

Awesome and roomy pockets!

Check out the back.

Lace detailing!

If you’re wondering about the wonderful top I’m wearing, it’s from Urban Outfitters from the sale section. Look at the print! How could I not purchase it – cute sewing print AND a Peter Pan collar? Perfect, just perfect.

The socks are from Forever 21. Anyways, I’m glad the weather has been nicer around my parts but this means I’m woefully lacking in work appropriate skirts and dresses and blouses. Must get cracking! I’ll definitely make this pattern again. It’s perfect!
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