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Goo Set-eru!

┬áSo my co-worker Vicky went on a trip to Asia a while ago and brought me back this device…

It’s called “Goo Set” and it’s pretty easy to use (although it came with an instructional cd/dvd on top of their instruction sheet for those who really need help figuring it out) and so here I go this morning…

I used the diluted Lottabody setting lotion that I use for my other curling projects on my hair and then let these sit for a bit. I had to head off to work so I used the blow dryer to speed things up at one point when it still wasn’t completely dry. Here is the result!

It’s not supposed to be very curly although I think next time I’ll try other hair products to put in my hair (I’ve got a variety!) and see which one induces the best results. After 5 hours my hair was quickly reverting back to normal though. I still like this! I would use it again just to give my straight hair a little somethin’-somethin’ for those days I don’t want to be plain ol’ me. This device only cost about $15 CAD so I’d say that’s a decent price for this thing.

I don’t like using hair straighteners or curlers or any kind of heated device on my hair. Also, I just really suck at using a hair curler. I have really bad hand-eye coordination so I really prefer methods where I just stick something in my hair and let it sit.

The best thing about this product? I kept saying “Goo Set-eru” in a cliche Japanese schoolgirl voice at work when I first got this. Goo Set-eru! Goo Set-eru! (My other co-worker Jen and her boyfriend will add the suffix “-eru” to anything you want to Japanify.)

Trying to do Vintage when you’re Chinese

I came across a really cool tumblr today called Of Another Fashion through this post on The Sew Weekly and it has vintage photographs of minority women from past eras. Of course the tumblr is focused on the political message of how “white focused” fashion has always been and still is. You can’t think about past eras of history properly (including vintage fashion) if you ignore the racism, sexism, conservatism, etc. However, I do think that we can’t just sit on our high horses today and look down on the past. The current decade isn’t really so fabulous either and there is just as much racism, sexism, conservatism, etc.

From 1938

But finding this tumblr has been a boon, even if there is the awful political history of the mistreatment of minorities to think about. (Head tax on the Chinese, anyone? Japanese internment camps? Slavery and segregation of African-Americans? I hope these things ring a bell!) Let me tell you, as a full blooded Chinese girl, it’s really damn hard to try to find any old resources on what Asians looked like in the past. Often I wonder if Asians adopted the Western styles or stuck to their own styles or blended the two together.

From 1951

I’m also REALLY curious as to how Asian women did their hair because I do have difficulty pin curling my own hair since it’s so naturally “stick straight” and wants to stay that way.

From 1950

I haven’t pin curled my hair in a loooooong time though…I’ve been too busy and pin curling takes time since I’m still a newbie at it and it’s just so frustrating trying to curl my straight hair! It doesn’t really naturally want to curl into a curl even while wet. It just wants to lie there all nice and straight and pointy. *sigh* I’m glad I’m in sewing classes or I wouldn’t ever get a chance to sew!

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