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Fabric haul of epic proportions

I went to a fabric rummage sale yesterday. It was awesome. It was organized by a non-profit here in Vancouver called Our Social Fabric. (Check out their website!) It’s a textile recyling organization I came across last year when I was doing some google research on whether there was a way to recycle fabric. They take donations from the public and various other sources like costuming departments of various movies or TV shows shot locally or fabric from clothing manufacturers. There’s much more info on their website so check them out! They’re undergoing a restructuring so I’m looking forward to seeing their organization grow.

One of the ladies volunteering/working at the sale said that they’ll be trying to have fabric sales more often – maybe a monthly basis. I highly recommend the sale! There wasn’t that much selection as the sale was in a small room in downtown Gastown (although it seems like the location of their sales depends on what space is available to them so it changes). They do have a warehouse or storage facility where they keep all their fabric donations. It was a “fill-a-bag” type of deal and I got 15 POUNDS of fabric for $40. Here are the goods:

As you can see, I didn’t fill the bag all the way up but this was because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to carry it all the way home! The sale was downtown and so I had to take the bus to get this all home. The bag was also pretty thin so next time I will bring a backpack and my own bag to shift the fabric into and make carrying easier.The kind of fabric I got was in lengths of several meters! No random scraps, these are real pieces of fabric that I can make dresses out of.

I can’t believe I got so much fabric. As you can see, I’ve chosen bright spring and summery types of colours. And there’s a lot of green. This is because it’s my favourite colour. But the other fabrics are all so cute as well. I’m thinking of making a dress out of the yellow fabric to wear to my aunt’s wedding in September. Just need to decide on a pattern from my stash.

Mr. Vixen bought me this chocolate bunny for Easter. We don’t celebrate it and neither does my family (we’re so Chinese that we really only celebrate the Chinese holidays). But I love chocolate! Happy Easter!

P.S. I’m going to make my update schedule every Tuesday and Friday. I think this will be easier to manage during this hectic period of my life.
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