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A Dainty Floral Skirt – Butterick 5285

Here is a skirt I made last spring that I finished just a bit before my birthday. The pattern is Butterick 5285, I sewed up view B with the pleats. Cut a size 12 but I should have cut a size 10 as it’s a bit loose around the waist. The fabric is a cotton voile I bought from Dressew which I’ve lined with black acetate. I’ve worn it a bajillion time already as it is just lovely. And it has pockets!

Action shot! The skirt is so swingy because of the light fabric and pleats.

Side seam pockets, so simple but so awesome.

Fully lined skirts are just such a luxury!

This is a lovely and simple pattern to work with. I will definitely be using it again some time. The only thing about it that is a bit troublesome is that the pattern utilizes a fair amount of fabric for a skirt pattern so that you can only purchase fabric that is in the 150cm width range. The back of the pattern envelope does not give you an option for 115cm fabric widths.

Outfit details: Blouse from Urban Behaviour, green wedge shoes from Ruche!


I am hoping to start blogging weekly or biweekly again! Probably biweekly now as I keep re-evaluating how much blogging I really care to do in my schedule and I have night classes on Fridays for the next 7 weeks. I keep losing the habit as it’s a bit of work taking photos, going through the photos, doing possible retouches in terms of lighting, and then writing a post. Also, the summer was just so hectic, I spent a lot of time frolicking in the sun rather than cooped up inside my baking 3rd floor apartment that faces south.

I might need to find a better spot in or outside my apartment for photo taking. Still not satisfied with the type of photos I am getting. It’s all a lighting challenge!

If you’re wondering what happened to that yellow polka dot project I was working on…well I’m still working on it. I have to turn the dress into a skirt now as I botched the bodice. D’oh! Everything is a learning process.

Full-Skirts and Trench Coats

I have a new goal for myself, I will be posting every 2 or 3 days from now on. I think it will help motivate me in terms of keeping on track with my sewing. Now onto something more interesting!

It’s spring! In Vancouver, this means rain and flowers as opposed to the rain and snow of wintertime. The one thing I am coveting right now is a “full skirted trench coat”. Like this:

The pleating is quite amazing in this cream one! I would love to twirl around in it.

I want to make a pink one like this! Maybe a brighter pink with black highlights. You shall all see soon that pink and black is one of my favourite colour combinations right now.

And I adore the last three photos of what is basically my ideal trench coat. The colour is rich enough to distinguish it from the bland, blah-blah, sendentary khaki that a certain former employer of mine required everyone to wear. *shudders* I would love a pink and black trench coat and a classic coloured one like this.

Full skirted trench coats appeal to me for a few reasons:
1) I am short, only 5 feet tall (shorter than many children!), so I’ll do anything to highlight my waist and show off my legs. Anything that has a hem going past my knees tends to swamp me. Also, rectangular shapes (seen in many classic trench coats) does nothing for me as well.
2) I love the idea of wearing full skirts and full skirted dresses with such a trench coat while galumping in the rain!
3) I am young! Not even 21 yet, so I’m going to wear as many cute, adorable styles as I can get away with at my age.

Now the only problem is that trench coat sewing patterns are hard to find and I have yet to come across one that is also full skirted. So I may need to draft my own or modify a trench coat pattern if I manage to find one. I’ll be keeping this idea on the back burner…

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