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Goo Set-eru!

┬áSo my co-worker Vicky went on a trip to Asia a while ago and brought me back this device…

It’s called “Goo Set” and it’s pretty easy to use (although it came with an instructional cd/dvd on top of their instruction sheet for those who really need help figuring it out) and so here I go this morning…

I used the diluted Lottabody setting lotion that I use for my other curling projects on my hair and then let these sit for a bit. I had to head off to work so I used the blow dryer to speed things up at one point when it still wasn’t completely dry. Here is the result!

It’s not supposed to be very curly although I think next time I’ll try other hair products to put in my hair (I’ve got a variety!) and see which one induces the best results. After 5 hours my hair was quickly reverting back to normal though. I still like this! I would use it again just to give my straight hair a little somethin’-somethin’ for those days I don’t want to be plain ol’ me. This device only cost about $15 CAD so I’d say that’s a decent price for this thing.

I don’t like using hair straighteners or curlers or any kind of heated device on my hair. Also, I just really suck at using a hair curler. I have really bad hand-eye coordination so I really prefer methods where I just stick something in my hair and let it sit.

The best thing about this product? I kept saying “Goo Set-eru” in a cliche Japanese schoolgirl voice at work when I first got this. Goo Set-eru! Goo Set-eru! (My other co-worker Jen and her boyfriend will add the suffix “-eru” to anything you want to Japanify.)

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