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Summer Sewing

Sneak peak of the current project I’m working on. Just taking a bit of a break with garment photoshoots which will resume next week.

I’ve been REALLY productive this week in practically all aspects of my life. My boyfriend has been/is away for a week and I decided to take advantage of his time away to do two things: sew like the dickens and start exercising again.

I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to do both! I enjoy both activities quite a lot and now I find myself looking forward to my next “fix” of either activity.

I also started keeping a log book of hours spent sewing right on the table where my sewing machine sits and it helps greatly in achieving my minimum goal of sewing for 7 hours or more a week (so at least one hour a day). So far since Monday, I have sewn for 7.5 hours already, spread out among four days.

I think part of my new-found vigor is due in part to a book I’ve been reading titled “Get Out of Your Own Way” by Robert Cooper. The book is about explaining some of your brain’s less productive habits through neuroscience and then giving methods for overcoming such brain obstacles so you can be more productive. Some of the advice doesn’t really apply to me (such as working in teams on a business project) but I still find those sections interesting and a little bit useful since it gives me insights into workplace politics and such.

I also watched Moonrise Kingdom this week by myself before it the theatres in Vancouver and enjoyed it superbly (I have this fondness of watching films by myself if it’s the right film. I watched Black Swan by myself and it was amazing). I totally have a costume crush on Suzy and all the costumes in the film. But specifically Suzy of course.

Check out this website for more examples:

I have been wanting to make dresses like these for at least a year or more now. I really need to get on this! They’re simple and classic and oh so girly. *swoon* I especially want to make a red dress with a Chelsea collar!

So here’s a hip, hip, hooray! for getting back on the sewing bandwagon. It has been a frustrating spring so I’m glad I’m over my slump.

Unfortunate Hiatus

I had to take two weeks off working on my blog in order to focus on my personal life which has been…a struggle to say the least. Things are starting to feel better now and for the first week of my hiatus, I hadn’t done any sewing actually in order to start recovering. I had to take a few days off work too…This will be a short post just to show you my shirt project for class which is coming along nicely. I’m glad I can still sew right now because the first week was so difficult.

The facing has not been tacked down or sewn down yet but I’m really adoring the shirt! I didn’t think it’d be this cute.

The contrast white collar is pretty amazing. There will also be contrasting white cuffs on the sleeves. The sleeves went in so beautfiully…I also got a hair cut last week to help myself feel better. Hoping to get some pics up at some point.

Productivity down the drain

So friends, I have to admit I’m having a difficult time being productive. I can narrow it down to a few things:

– being addicted to my computer
– not eating properly/enough (low energy levels)
– sleeping in too much
– working too much and work related issues
– having family things to deal with

I am definitely going to rein in on my computer/internet usage tomorrow. A good tip I found is to give yourself one or two alloted time periods to be on the computer – say one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon/evening to check emails and do internet housekeeping tasks. I get a ton of pertinent emails from my job at the library so cutting out internet completely is not possible.

I have to work harder at eating properly. And not sleeping in. And maybe that will help deal with needing to work 6 days a week usually. I hope to cut this down to 5 days by the time I leave my job at the laboratory. The lab is a drain! One hour commute to and from and being required to be there in the morning (at my other job I work in the afternoons almost exclusively and I have night classes….) and being required to be there for 7 to 8 hours. T_T

Hopefully I get my family related things over and done with by this Sunday. Blergh.

Here’s a Katy Perry music video featuring fantastic vintage garb, make-up, hair, and accoutrements! This cheered me up today. I want to get back on track of things tomorrow.

The fabric for my wool coat

Here is my grey coat fabric. Let me tell you, it’s still chilly in these parts so it’ll be nice to have a light Spring coat and if I don’t finish it by Summer, I’ll have a nice Autumnal coat instead!

This is the wrong side, it’s very fuzzy and soft!

It took me a while to figure out what exactly this fabric is. It’s a wool blend and I believe it is a wool jersey or knit. Something like that. :P It’s fuzzy and soft on one side and smooth on the other. If I am incorrect, please correct me! I love to learn new things. I am pre-shrinking it right now in my dryer with this method:

Anyways, I’m really sorry for such a late update. I’ve had to pull a couple of double shifts at my two jobs and some crazy stuff has been coming up at work and my personal life. But I think things are going to calm down again. I still think I work too much…but I think I’ll be able to sort it out soon.

Mr Vixen has been dealing with some terrible things too and it has been spilling over into my life. It’ll be alright but I wish life was less stressful. I still haven’t found any appropriate fabric for my pink half-slip but I’ll be going to the fabric stores again this week. Yay!

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