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Summer Sewing

Sneak peak of the current project I’m working on. Just taking a bit of a break with garment photoshoots which will resume next week.

I’ve been REALLY productive this week in practically all aspects of my life. My boyfriend has been/is away for a week and I decided to take advantage of his time away to do two things: sew like the dickens and start exercising again.

I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to do both! I enjoy both activities quite a lot and now I find myself looking forward to my next “fix” of either activity.

I also started keeping a log book of hours spent sewing right on the table where my sewing machine sits and it helps greatly in achieving my minimum goal of sewing for 7 hours or more a week (so at least one hour a day). So far since Monday, I have sewn for 7.5 hours already, spread out among four days.

I think part of my new-found vigor is due in part to a book I’ve been reading titled “Get Out of Your Own Way” by Robert Cooper. The book is about explaining some of your brain’s less productive habits through neuroscience and then giving methods for overcoming such brain obstacles so you can be more productive. Some of the advice doesn’t really apply to me (such as working in teams on a business project) but I still find those sections interesting and a little bit useful since it gives me insights into workplace politics and such.

I also watched Moonrise Kingdom this week by myself before it the theatres in Vancouver and enjoyed it superbly (I have this fondness of watching films by myself if it’s the right film. I watched Black Swan by myself and it was amazing). I totally have a costume crush on Suzy and all the costumes in the film. But specifically Suzy of course.

Check out this website for more examples:

I have been wanting to make dresses like these for at least a year or more now. I really need to get on this! They’re simple and classic and oh so girly. *swoon* I especially want to make a red dress with a Chelsea collar!

So here’s a hip, hip, hooray! for getting back on the sewing bandwagon. It has been a frustrating spring so I’m glad I’m over my slump.

My Sewing Studio!

So it’s been a long time again and I apologize for that. My goal from now on is at least one post per week. For my next posts, I’ll take pictures of the projects I’m working on in my classes – Haute Couture Pattern Drafting, Fashion Illustration, and Sewing Level One.

For this post though I took some pictures of my sewing studio. Sure it’s really just a room but I like to think of it as my studio, it’s got EVERYTHING I could ever need in one room. The only qualm would be a larger table for fabric cutting but the one I have in there right now is quite adequate. No more cutting on the floor!

These are my two dress forms! The one on the right is Peggy Sue, my duct tape double/clone and the one on the left is unnamed at the moment but if you have a suggestion I’m open to one. I named the duct tape one Peggy Sue because I was listening to Buddy Holly one time and I just really loved how he mentions this girl named Peggy Sue in a couple of his songs. The red one is an adjustable one I got from Dressew for $125 + tax which is 50% off the original price! Whooooooooooo! It was during Dressew’s 50% off Everything in the store due it being their 50th anniversary recently.

The adjustable one is great for me because I’m not very “shapely” and I actually only need to adjust the waist a little larger, the bust and hips are just fine. Peggy Sue (duct tape dummy) is problematic because she’s a whole inch or two larger everywhere due to the nature of duct taping. Also, she’s not pinnable. But I can’t seem to think of where to put her or if I should just dismantle Peggy Sue. The base is a Christmas tree stand and I used a PVC pipe from Home Depot to mount her. My sewing studio is not very big so she might have to go!

The curtains I made! Wooden dowel is from Home Depot, fabric and lace from Dressew. It’s difficult to see due to my poor photography skills but that is mint fabric with white and pink lace. I love the colour combination of mint and white or cream right now….

My horde of patterns…..I also have a goal of getting through EACH one at least two or three per month after my classes for this term end. Must obtain cute clothing….

Serger! I love her so so much. I think she might need a tune-up although the other day when I was using her, she wasn’t doing so bad.

AND THIS PRETTY BABY! I sold my other machine on Craigslist and actually made a little bit more money than I had originally paid for it. And then I put that money towards this sweet pea. She’s a BEAUT. The machine of my dreams, does I think 5 different buttonholes, including the highly coveted (by me) keyhole buttonhole.

And my fabric and cone thread stash. I am also starting a mini spools of Gutterman thread stash. My fabric stash is actually not as large as other sewists mostly because I like to work on one project at a time and buy the fabric with a specific project in mind. This means I don’t waste money on fabric too! But alas, I cannot control my pattern stashing.

So that’s my sewing studio and I love being in it! It’s a room I’ve rented out from Brianne who lives 8 blocks away from me, it’s a nice jolly little 10 min walk from my apartment! Very convenient, it’d be more convenient if Mr Vixen and I just moved into a two bedroom but we’re kinda attached to our current apartment (despite its many downfalls) and he just doesn’t have the money to move.

Finally, an update!

Hello again! I really apologize for having not updated this for so long, it’s been months. This is because Mr Vixen’s camera broke and I didn’t really have enough money for a new one. I bought a new camera a week or two ago and these are the first batch of photos since the new purchase.

These photos were taken before my first shift at Two of Hearts, a little shop here in Vancouver on Main St. The clothing and accessories sold at this store are almost all (save a few items) made locally and the two owners of the store also design the clothing and run a studio in Vancouver. They are a very little store right now and just opened up in 2008. The recession has been hard on them though but I am glad for them to be here! I am only working there during the weekends until Dec 21 because they are going to be a bit busy with a show they are participating in.

But back to my outfit, the jacket in the photo is something I sewed in high school as my final assignment one year. I am very proud of it, I got 100% on it! I will take better photos of it later when I have more time and show all the little details, like top stitching and the beautiful purple lining.

The little heart medal I’m pinning on the jacket is from Modcloth, it opens up and is a locket. Very military cute!

This dress is my new favourite dress! It was a splurge from an online store called Ruche. The necklace is also from the same store. You can’t see it well but here is a picture from the store:

And now for the shoes! I saw them first on Ruche but they didn’t have my size to begin with so I bought them from and had my friend help me get them to Canada (they would only ship to a US address.)

Product photo here:

They are quite amazing! I love these shoes! I am developing quite the shoe collection so more shoes to be seen in the future!

Alright, that is all for now. I think I will manage to get a new post up next weekend after all my schooling is done. I should be doing readings right now but……..yea.

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