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Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Little Black Skirt – Butterick 4136

So this is a simple black 6 gored skirt I made back for my waaaay too easy sewing class I took during the winter. It’s alright, I picked up a few new tips and tricks although I was bored out of my mind mostly. I whipped up this skirt in no time at all. The belt is separate and bought at Forever 21. I wore this outfit out today! Fabulous in the summer heat that has finally arrived in Vancouver. We were all beginning to wonder where summer had gone to here.

This is Butterick 4136, very homely looking. It was the best out of patterns my class was allowed to choose from…other than a straight skirt which I’d done before. So I decided to do this in black fabric because even if I hated it, I would still be able to pull off black or work into my wardrobe somehow. Turns out now I love it!

The hem had been much too long so last week I started work on re-hemming it. Didn’t finish it till today though! Been much too busy. Don’t look too carefully at the hem, it’s a little wonky. Hemming this was a bit of a pain with the 6 gores…I might do things a little differently next time. But it gives the skirt an interesting tulip shape all the same.

The shoes are from Forever 21. I love them! And they’re alright in terms of comfort levels for cheap shoes. I’m addicted to this style of shoe…A cute variation of Mary Janes.

I’m glad to be sewing again. I’ve got another lovely skirt to work on right now and then I should get started on the dress I’m making for my aunt’s wedding in September. Getting my groove back…yay!

Another hiatus

Sorry friends that I have not been blogging much. My reasons are:

1) Moving to a new place in the last month and still settling in, my sewing things had actually been packed for about a week to get ready for the move and then stayed packed for another week during the process of unpacking!

2) Things happening at work and possibly working too much! :S But the money is much needed so alas, I work my butt off.

3) More things happening in my personal life which I won’t bother divulging on this blog.

Do not worry friends, I am in the process of finishing one skirt and in the middle of sewing another. And I still need to take photos of the school project I finished oh so long ago!

I have a lot of summer sewing plans which consist of:
Pendrell blouse and Sorbetto top (both of which many variations can be made!)
Violet blouse and Ginger skirts
scalloped waistband skirt
– dresses! of all kinds, made of knit or woven fabrics
– a fancy dress to wear to my aunt’s wedding in September
– shorts

And probably many more aspirations but the above are what I am focusing on because it will keep me busy enough as you can see!

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