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Monthly Archives: August 2011

A Navy Polka Dot Dream Dress

I was participating in the Lonsdale sew-along which already ended two weeks ago. I’ve been dragging my feet on taking photos and finally here they are!

This dress is made from a polyester semi-sheer crepe-y fabric (not sure exactly what it’s called) and I underlined the bodice and lined the skirt with Bemberg lining. Added a little bit extra work but all in all, this dress is so simple to sew! I used an invisible zipper instead of a regular one. This dress has two big pockets that you can’t really see because of the print and bright lighting but not only is this dress beautiful, it’s functional. Perfection. I’ve worn this dress out several times and always get compliments and admirers.

If you’ve noticed that I don’t blog very often, I’ve realized for myself that it’s not a priority in my life. In the words of the fabulous Rachel Red Lips when commenting on Tilly and the Button’s post on sewing productivity:

“I know how hard it is to make time for all things outside of the daily grind, but personally have found that I get more creative projects done when I don’t blog.”

I find this is so true for myself and I’m not out to become an internet celebrity with this blog or to make money — it’s a blog for my friends and family who are curious about what I actually do in terms of “pursuing sewing” as a passion and life career. And thus, I will blog whenever I can but I am not obligating myself to post on a schedule or very often.

It was so sunny out there on my balcony! It is such a hot day today, perfect for my beautiful polka dot sundress! It did make taking photos a little difficult because it was TOO bright and shadows were all over the place. But I did as best as I could today.

Also, I got an industrial piercing on my left ear (your right) and you can see that in this photo. It’s healing well although I have to stay vigilant as cartilage piercings take a while to heal completely — up to one year depending on the individual. And since an industrial is essentially two piercings, my body has to work doubly hard.

Okay! I have to get back to sewing and other necessary tasks — I’ve been slacking out of laziness the past two weeks. I am not very proud of myself right now. But I shall set out to change this today!
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