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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Chic Blazer – Simplicity 2446

I finally took photos of this blazer jacket I made last fall! Yay for catching up on project photos! This blazer was made during one of my night classes and was a total labour of love, although it wasn’t too difficult. Only the collar was the difficult part really because I had never done a jacket collar before. This pattern is Simplicity 2446, which is part of their Amazing Fit series. Oh my god, I love this pattern. There is an option to cut for an A-cup! I’m totally putting this into my TNT (Tried and True, for my friends not in the know) pattern stash.

It’s fully lined! I feel so good about that. I lined it with a awesome satin fabric I found at Fabricland. All the fabric was from Fabricland actually. Jacket shell is made with a wool blend. It’s perfect for these cool early summer nights in Vancouver right now and will be perfect for late summer in September too.

I loved doing the contrast details in the same satin I used for my lining. Gives it such a pop! I have to confess that these are fake pockets though, I was too lazy to make real ones. Those are also fake sleeve vents (which were super fun to sew). Real ones next time!

In terms of outfit details, the jeans are from Urban Planet, blouse is from Urban Behaviour, and the shoes are Vans ballet flats.

Goo Set-eru!

┬áSo my co-worker Vicky went on a trip to Asia a while ago and brought me back this device…

It’s called “Goo Set” and it’s pretty easy to use (although it came with an instructional cd/dvd on top of their instruction sheet for those who really need help figuring it out) and so here I go this morning…

I used the diluted Lottabody setting lotion that I use for my other curling projects on my hair and then let these sit for a bit. I had to head off to work so I used the blow dryer to speed things up at one point when it still wasn’t completely dry. Here is the result!

It’s not supposed to be very curly although I think next time I’ll try other hair products to put in my hair (I’ve got a variety!) and see which one induces the best results. After 5 hours my hair was quickly reverting back to normal though. I still like this! I would use it again just to give my straight hair a little somethin’-somethin’ for those days I don’t want to be plain ol’ me. This device only cost about $15 CAD so I’d say that’s a decent price for this thing.

I don’t like using hair straighteners or curlers or any kind of heated device on my hair. Also, I just really suck at using a hair curler. I have really bad hand-eye coordination so I really prefer methods where I just stick something in my hair and let it sit.

The best thing about this product? I kept saying “Goo Set-eru” in a cliche Japanese schoolgirl voice at work when I first got this. Goo Set-eru! Goo Set-eru! (My other co-worker Jen and her boyfriend will add the suffix “-eru” to anything you want to Japanify.)

The Belle Dress – Simplicity 3620

I can’t think of any other name to describe this dress that I made last August/September for my Aunt Lil’s wedding…it’s made of bright yellow crepe-back satin that I got from Our Social Fabric at one of their earliest sales. The fabric reminds me of Belle’s yellow gown from Beauty and the Beast. It’s not in the same style but the fabric is such a sunshiney and shimmering yellow. The pattern is Simplicity 3620 and the dress is lined except for the puff sleeves. I cut the smallest size, so a size 6, because I noticed how much ease was in the pattern!

I was pretty happy with how this turned out! Other than some very minor details I would fix if I made a second one, such as the neckline gapes just slightly and the armholes are a smidgen tight, I love this dress! It’s sooooo satiny though that it’s definitely a special occasion dress. Needs a good steaming too if I were to take it out for another outing.

Fabric covered buttons!

I’ve got a few more old projects that still need photo taking. And my isn’t my hair getting long? Till next week lovelies!

Drape, drape, and away!

Still got one more class left in my draping night class. I am going to be really glad when it is over because I believe I am more of a pattern drafter than a draper. The last two classes have been frustrating while working on the skirt portion. So frustrating that I didn’t take photos of it! I blame the shoddy mannequins we have to use and perhaps the mannequins aren’t suited to the directions given to us by our instructor. I think there was really only one girl in the class who could get it right without too many problems…and she had a different type of mannequin. Whatever. I did my best.

Then we moved onto draping a cowl and that was so much fun! Made me feel a lot better about draping. It was more creative as we only had to follow a few general guidelines to ensure a proper cowl was draped but other than that we had free reign to drape however we wanted. Now for a photobomb! The cowl first and then my finished basic bodice drape.

I did these horizontal pleats instead of darts to use up the excess…I’m very obsessed with these kinds of pleats right now! Can’t wait to do this on a skirt and have them all pressed nice and flat.

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