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Progress report on a shirt and skirt

Life is chugging along and I’m trying to keep up. Sewing projects are coming along, take a look.

Shirt is hemmed! Facings tacked and topstitched. The only things left are the cuffs on the sleeves and buttonholes and buttons. I have a week left to do this which should be more than enough time. I hope the cuffs turn out okay, for some reason, the cuffs are smaller than they should be…or the sleeve circumference is larger. Otherwise, I’ll just have to figure out how to “make it work!”

Check out this half finished crescent skirt! It isn’t pressed yet and there’s a lot more sewing to be done on the facing and zipper.

I love the pockets on this! Damn this skirt is turning out to be adorable. Cannot wait to wear it!!!

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One Response to Progress report on a shirt and skirt

  1. I’m at the same stage as you with one of my crescent skirts, I love it!! I keep holding it around myself and swishing the lovely full skirt! :) Yours is gorgeous!! I love the lace, I’m planning on doing the same with one of mine!
    Ashley x

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