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Full-Skirts and Trench Coats

I have a new goal for myself, I will be posting every 2 or 3 days from now on. I think it will help motivate me in terms of keeping on track with my sewing. Now onto something more interesting!

It’s spring! In Vancouver, this means rain and flowers as opposed to the rain and snow of wintertime. The one thing I am coveting right now is a “full skirted trench coat”. Like this:

The pleating is quite amazing in this cream one! I would love to twirl around in it.

I want to make a pink one like this! Maybe a brighter pink with black highlights. You shall all see soon that pink and black is one of my favourite colour combinations right now.

And I adore the last three photos of what is basically my ideal trench coat. The colour is rich enough to distinguish it from the bland, blah-blah, sendentary khaki that a certain former employer of mine required everyone to wear. *shudders* I would love a pink and black trench coat and a classic coloured one like this.

Full skirted trench coats appeal to me for a few reasons:
1) I am short, only 5 feet tall (shorter than many children!), so I’ll do anything to highlight my waist and show off my legs. Anything that has a hem going past my knees tends to swamp me. Also, rectangular shapes (seen in many classic trench coats) does nothing for me as well.
2) I love the idea of wearing full skirts and full skirted dresses with such a trench coat while galumping in the rain!
3) I am young! Not even 21 yet, so I’m going to wear as many cute, adorable styles as I can get away with at my age.

Now the only problem is that trench coat sewing patterns are hard to find and I have yet to come across one that is also full skirted. So I may need to draft my own or modify a trench coat pattern if I manage to find one. I’ll be keeping this idea on the back burner…

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