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Another hiatus

Sorry friends that I have not been blogging much. My reasons are:

1) Moving to a new place in the last month and still settling in, my sewing things had actually been packed for about a week to get ready for the move and then stayed packed for another week during the process of unpacking!

2) Things happening at work and possibly working too much! :S But the money is much needed so alas, I work my butt off.

3) More things happening in my personal life which I won’t bother divulging on this blog.

Do not worry friends, I am in the process of finishing one skirt and in the middle of sewing another. And I still need to take photos of the school project I finished oh so long ago!

I have a lot of summer sewing plans which consist of:
Pendrell blouse and Sorbetto top (both of which many variations can be made!)
Violet blouse and Ginger skirts
scalloped waistband skirt
– dresses! of all kinds, made of knit or woven fabrics
– a fancy dress to wear to my aunt’s wedding in September
– shorts

And probably many more aspirations but the above are what I am focusing on because it will keep me busy enough as you can see!

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