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1940’s Glam Hair

I took some photos of what my curls looked the day after…I think they’re still very lovely after being slept on! I don’t bother to put them back in curlers for the day after, mostly out of laziness, but also out of curiosity as to what the curls will look like.

This is what I wore to work on Friday. As you can see below, the blouse is see through so I wore it with a cardigan for modesty’s sake while at work.

I’m very happy with these curls! It was the first time I used sponge rollers and I absolutely love them for their ease of use and amount of curl I can attain. Pin curls are fun but a pain in the butt for me to do. Ever since I started experimenting with curling my hair vintage, I’ve realized I lean towards the 40s style of hair. It’s just so glamourous and elegant, especially with my hair getting longer like this. I also adore Victory Rolls although I haven’t done them in a while.

My next goals are to keep practicing how to style the curls, especially brushing them out and taming the frizz.

I also had another realization…curling my hair and taking photos like this is time consuming. To the point where sometimes I feel like I wasting my time! I realized that I only enjoy doing this once in a while and am not really the type of girl who will “do vintage” everyday like some other lovely ladies in the blogosphere. I am totally happy with just doing “vintage-esque” things with my hair and I also realized I prefer having straight hair (thank goodness it’s my natural hair type)! At least it’s getting longer and I’m really enjoying growing it out currently. Can’t wait to do things like braids and buns on top of my head.

I think I came across this realization after finishing reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin — “Just because something is fun for other people doesn’t mean it’s fun for me. (and vice versa)” I was inspired to try doing my hair in vintage style after seeing all these blogs of girls who do it around the world and all the tutorials on youtube. I’m happy that I’ve experimented with it and I’m happy to have found a method that I like and is easy for me to do. It might not be true, 100% authentic vintage but I am totally fine with that.

Stay tuned for more hair experiments. My co-worker Vicky went on trip to East Asia recently and came back with a funny Japanese hair curling product called “Goo Set”. I have to find some time to try this out and show everyone!

Outfit details:
cardigan, blouse – Urban Behaviour
belt – Forever 21
skirt – my grandmother!

A Little Black Skirt – Butterick 4136

So this is a simple black 6 gored skirt I made back for my waaaay too easy sewing class I took during the winter. It’s alright, I picked up a few new tips and tricks although I was bored out of my mind mostly. I whipped up this skirt in no time at all. The belt is separate and bought at Forever 21. I wore this outfit out today! Fabulous in the summer heat that has finally arrived in Vancouver. We were all beginning to wonder where summer had gone to here.

This is Butterick 4136, very homely looking. It was the best out of patterns my class was allowed to choose from…other than a straight skirt which I’d done before. So I decided to do this in black fabric because even if I hated it, I would still be able to pull off black or work into my wardrobe somehow. Turns out now I love it!

The hem had been much too long so last week I started work on re-hemming it. Didn’t finish it till today though! Been much too busy. Don’t look too carefully at the hem, it’s a little wonky. Hemming this was a bit of a pain with the 6 gores…I might do things a little differently next time. But it gives the skirt an interesting tulip shape all the same.

The shoes are from Forever 21. I love them! And they’re alright in terms of comfort levels for cheap shoes. I’m addicted to this style of shoe…A cute variation of Mary Janes.

I’m glad to be sewing again. I’ve got another lovely skirt to work on right now and then I should get started on the dress I’m making for my aunt’s wedding in September. Getting my groove back…yay!

Crescent Skirt: A Total Success

I love my Crescent skirt! I finished it a while ago but haven’t had time to take pictures until today. Doing self-photoshoots is still a new thing to me…must learn how to make better poses.

Awesome and roomy pockets!

Check out the back.

Lace detailing!

If you’re wondering about the wonderful top I’m wearing, it’s from Urban Outfitters from the sale section. Look at the print! How could I not purchase it – cute sewing print AND a Peter Pan collar? Perfect, just perfect.

The socks are from Forever 21. Anyways, I’m glad the weather has been nicer around my parts but this means I’m woefully lacking in work appropriate skirts and dresses and blouses. Must get cracking! I’ll definitely make this pattern again. It’s perfect!

Sequel to pin curls

I’m always curious to see how my curls turn out the day after. After a night of sleeping with a handkerchief on, this is what they looked like.

The curls near the front fell but the ones in the back were still bouncy. I usually just throw on a headband the day after like I did here. Headbands are so handy! There was a kind of 60’s feel to my hair yesterday. Too bad I don’t really have any 60’s inspired clothing or outfits to go with it. I shall have to rectify this in the near future.

My outfit was a cardigan from Forever 21 and purple pinstripe jeans from True Value Vintage here in Vancouver. The brand is “Wax Jeans” but I don’t know if the company is defunct or not as I got the jeans way back in high school. A google search just comes up with “wax coated jeans” which are not relevant.

They are so awesome!

Shoes are from Aldo and I bought them just a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been looking for a pair of affordable shoes in this style for years. (Remember, I am on a student’s budget :P) It’s not a very common style to find in modern shoe stores but nowadays there are more and more vintage inspired styles showing up which is a definite plus for any vintage enthusiast on a budget. Or those who just want a dash of vintage in their wardrobe.

My first pin curls

I promised that I would show you guys how I did my pin curls and what they look like. So here goes! First of all, pin curls are curls which are just shaped into a curl shape and then pinned to the head. You can shape the curls with your fingers and pin them, or use a curling iron on dry hair and then pin them down. I did my set as a wet set which means I showered first and curled my hair when it was damp. I have to do this because I have stubborn Asian hair which will naturally go stick straight when drying. While I’m curling, I spray the pieces of hair I’m curling with this setting lotion I got from a beauty supply store in Surrey. It works well! And now some pictures.

I have a head scarf and tied it around my head so I could sleep in the pin curls. It actually wasn’t very uncomfortable and I slept fine. Sleeping in pin curls or rollers is really the best way to do it if you want curls that last.

This is how they look after much brushing and some hair spray and pins. My haircut at the moment is not good for trying to recreate 40s or 50s styles but it seems to be great to get that 20s or 30s look! To recreate 40s or 50s styles you need a heavily layered style. There was a particular style called the “middy” which was the ideal cut. My haircut at the moment is not very layered except for the back so it is more like a bob right now. I have to wait for the back to catch up before getting a middy.

I bought this hat from Forever 21, it’s a beautiful black boater styled hat. Reminds me of the cartoon Madeline that I watched as a little girl. The dress is from Front & Company, it was a good deal, only $20 for it!

Kendra says I look like Bette Davis here. I’m so flattered. :D Anyways, that’s all for now, Mr Vixen’s camera is broken so I don’t know when I’ll be able to post picture heavy posts like this until it gets figured out or we get a new one.
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